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"I had a somewhat difficult/tedious repair needed for one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. I took it to at least 2 other optical specialists, all of which tried to fix the problem but had no success. Finally, as I was about to walk out of the last store I tried (defeated and on my way to go re-order the glasses again for full price), the sales woman told me to go try Rich at Mainline Optical in Ardmore because she was sure he could do the job ... and I'm very glad I did! As soon as I walked in to Rich's shop, I was greeted by Rich himself and his very friendly assistant; she assured me that she has never seen an issue on a pair of glasses that Rich was not able to fix. And sure enough, within 10 minutes I was walking out the store with my glasses repaired and as good as new! And at no charge! Granted, it was just a tweak on the frames and they were back to normal, but I would have been willing to pay him for his time and success in helping me fix my favorite pair of sunglasses! As previously stated, they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I would highly recommend visiting Rich and his shop any time."
— Hallie L., 9/30/2014


"I went to Mainline Optical with a prescription from my eye doctor to get a new pair of glasses. The team was very attentive and patient with me as I went through a bunch of different frames. They helped me find the one that I wanted, and they didn't do the hard sell on some of the additional junk for my lenses. When I cam back to get fitted, they were friendly and fast."
— Dean A., 6/17/2013


"Rich is truly an amazing human being. I have an 8 year old son dx with autism who has worn glasses since he was 7 months old. I cannot even count how many times we have come to Rich with what I thought were glasses that were beyond repair. But I will never doubt the power of Rich, the spec-magician, again. He has fixed every single pair of glasses we have owned, multiple times. He truly has a heart of gold and the hands of a miracle worker. From creating wrap-around temples to literally cutting the temple arms in half to make them fit a little bitty guy - he can do it all."
— Nicky S., 8/12/2014


"My glasses have longer stems and I was having a hard time finding a case that fit my glasses properly. They just did not fit fit he "Standard" case size. I tried many other places in the area and could not find a fit. Other selections were small and did not fit my glasses. Employees else where were not interested in helping me either. After I found Mainline Opticals on Google, I called ahead to ask about their glasses cases. The woman on the phone was super friendly and said they had over hundreds if cases. They were confident one would fit my needs. I walked in and was quickly and warmly greeted. I said I had called and they immediately began helping me. The owner knew his stock and the exact size i needed from the memory and quickly named off brands of cases that would cater to my needs. After maybe 30 seconds of searching, they had 3 cases that fit and told me to pick the one I liked best. As I explored my options, They also tighten and cleaned my glasses. Went I went to pay, they gave my the case complimentary. I shocked. I had never been here before and they didn't even know my name. Didn't matter. The customer service was oustanding and very friendly. I just moved to the area, but these guys will become my regular place. I highly recommend them for all your needs."
— Chris, 7/30/2014


"I can't say enough about this place. Rich, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable about the technological aspect of optics as well as what kind of frame will work for you. He spent a lot of time helping me choose the most flattering frame for my face shape, hair and skin color. I had been wearing a particular type of progressive lens that I've been very happy with, but he suggested I try a more technologically updated lens because they've improved so much since I got my previous glasses. He said if you don't like them, I'll put in the other lens brand free of charge. When I tried on the new glasses, I couldn't see, everything was a blur. So he had the glasses redone with my previous lens type. Glasses came back and I still couldn't see. Then he checked my prescription and realized my ophthalmologist made a mistake. In short, she overcompensated for the astigmatism in my right eye. Rich tried a few lenses on me and made adjustments to where I could see clearly. So off the glasses went for a second re-do. And when they came back, I could see perfectly. He charged me nothing extra for all this, plus I got excellent custom-made clip-on sunglasses at a very reasonable price. After my experience here, I can't imagine going anywhere else for eyeglasses. This is the kind of customer service so hard to come by anymore. Mainline Optical has been in business 32 years for good reason."
— Hanna B., 6/7/2014


"Rich is the best! Pleasant and professional, he has helped me out with several optical problems."
— Dr. Don W., 5/13/2014


"I got my first pair of glasses at another eyeglass store, and when I came to Mainline Optical for my second pair, I haven't gone anywhere else since. The owner is extremely kind and generous. My experiences have been nothing but easy and successful. I wanted a pair of Marc Jacobs "trendy" style glasses that I found at another place with a price above what I could pay, and the owner of Mainline Optical ordered the exact pair for a greatly reduced price. All I had to do was give him the model number. He fitted the glasses to my face and gave me a Marc Jacobs case to go with the frames! I LOVE them and get so many compliments on them. I also came in the other day to get a pair of old Ray Bans cleaned and tightened, and he was happy to help me with this for no cost. THANK YOU!"
— Mira S., 3/26/2014


"Rich Boehm is an outstanding optician who takes care of the customer and backs up his product to the max. I broke a frame and Rich, at no charge, fitted my new lenses into an old frame that I had - and did not charge me anything! Talk about honest service!!!"
— Ilene M., 2/19/2014


"I took my daughter to Main Line Optical on the recommendation of MANY. Huge huge shout out to Rich! My daughter started in glasses just 3 weeks ago and last night I stepped on them. He put her lenses in a temporary pair today and is ordering her a brand new pair of glasses at NO COST. Word up. "On the face or in the case, NO other place!" Main Line Optical"
— Stacy R., 11/13/2013


"Main Line Optical is the Nordstrom's of opticians; Quality products, extraordinary customer service all that is missing is the piano player. We have four members of our family who wear glasses and Rich is always a pleasure to deal with whether it be for getting new glasses or repairing (which he never charges for!). We would not buy our eye glasses from anywhere else."
— Nomi L., 10/9/2013


"Main Line Optical is a terrific place. My children have been getting their glasses and "rec specs" (sports glasses) here, and they guarantee everything they sell, so I never have to worry about broken or destroyed glasses. Their selection is incredible, and anything they don't have they order overnight. The opticians fit the glasses perfectly, and truly care about the kids. They teach them about eyeglass care, and let them pick out a new case at every visit. Best of all, when my oldest daughter lost her first pair of bifocals, they sold me a replacement pair at a discount."
— Genevieve M., 7/15/2013


"Great customer service! Very friendly, helpful and engaging. I highly recommend this business!"
— Steve K., 6/8/2013


"Richard runs a very fairly priced and expertly managed shop in Ardmore. The service provided is truly next to none. All of the "associates" at Main Line Optical are Smart, Kind and Pleasant to deal with. They do not push an agenda. They never have pushed at me to buy anything that I was not sure of. A great selection of frames, and an ability to get anything you want, along with a team that makes great vision happen."
— Andrew M., 1/2/2013


"I have been going to Rich at Main Line Optical for many years and his service has been outstanding. My eye doctor at Lankenau Hospital recommended him when I first moved to the area over 25 years ago. Rich was so knowledgeable about the glasses he sells and made me aware of a new lens that would be perfect for my eyes. He recently replaced lenses that were old and were losing their protective coating and did not charge me! I also got the new lenses the next day. If you value quality service and an excellent product with pleasant people then Main Line Optical is the place to go."
— Matthew P., 8/21/2012


"My wife purchased a pair of glasses at another optician and when they became broken several months later, the original optician made no attempt to repair them and informed my wife that she would need to purchase new glasses. I took them to Main Line Optical and explained my problem. They did a temporary repair so that my wife could wear them, and ordered new temples. In less than a week they received the new temples, installed them in less than ten minutes and then informed me that the charge was only ten dollars for shipping. Main Line Optical are kind, courteous, honest and true craftsmen. I found this company by accident and had not done business with them before, but I assure you, they will be the only opticians that I will do business with from now on!"
— Michael R., 7/30/2012


"This place gives great service. I bought a pair of glasses several years ago. I had the frames all bent, screws loose or gone, and lenses falling out. The owner, Richard Boehm, spent 30 minutes fixing them and then told me there was no charge."
— James B., 7/15/2012


"This is the most customer friendly business I have ever been to; after shopping here there is no reason to go to any other store. Everyone who works at Main Line Optical is incredibly friendly and helpful. They are willing to take as long as you need to help you find the perfect frame, they will order it if necessary and have very reasonable prices. I ordered glasses from them last week, and couldn't decide on the color of my frame. They were kind enough to order both for me so that I could decide when the frames arrived. Unfortunately the frames were back ordered, but it didn't matter. They are lending me a pair of frame for the week. If every store had customer service like this shopping would be much easier."
— Brynne M., 7/14/2012


"Better than good as it gets. I needed some fashion-forward-ish glasses on the spot because of a severe irration with my contact lenses. These are the most helpful, service-oriented and knowledgable professionals I've met in the eye-care business and beyond. Their business has maintained the kind of local values that are hard to find these days -- personal service, fair prices and expertise. I left with new glasses in a hour!!! And, they're great looking! Can't say enough about the place."
— Dina L., 5/10/2012


"I had the very lucky encounter of meeting Rich today. I was on another errand but needed a nose grip that had recently fallen out of my glasses. He treated my request as if I was one of his longest standing customers. A true and caring gentleman. Many speak about a tradition of excellence and customer satisfaction, but this was as genuine as it gets. I don't have a regular Optician since moving to the area, but I just may now when I need another pair of glasses. Great to see a business conduct itself in such an open and considerate manner. Bravo...I do hope others who are considering an Optician might do the same. Greg L.al is the best!"
— Greg L., 3/28/2012


"Everyone in my family wears glasses, and we all get them at Mainline Optical. At first, I brought my kids there for their glasses, but because of Rich's (the owner's) outstanding service and skill, my husband and I now shop there exclusively as well. The most impressive part of our experience at Mainline Optical is that Rich always stands behind his product. If adjustments or changes are needed, they are taken care of without a problem or second thought. Rich always does the right thing by his customers, and I cannot recommend him enough."
— Guest 88626, 3/20/2012


"I had a terrific experience and Dr. Richard Boehm helped me in both a time pinch and a financial pinch. They were kind efficient, and helpful. I would recommend Mainline Optical to other patients."
— SH, 11/21/2012


"Mainline Optical is fabulous ... the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Yes, they are more expensive that the "express" places you find in the mall. BUT, you get personal, really friendly service and a much higher quality product. Most importantly, they stand behind their products (probably more than they should!). My six year old son snapped his glasses in half this summer while we were on vacation and we were forced to get an emergency pair and at the local one hour place. I kept the broken glasses in my car and finally got around to stopping in to see if they could be salvaged. It had been well over a year since we purchased them. The original frame was no longer available and both the manufacturer and Rich insisted that we pick out a different frame and they gave us a full credit towards a new pair. I actually argued with them as this seemed unfair to them as a business. They've won my business for good! Did I mention that the new pair was ready in about 48 hours (with transitions type lenses)?? I should also mention that the quality difference between the one hour pair and the pair we picked up today at Mainline Optical was really obvious - the one hour pair was almost twice as thick. Thanks, Rich! We'll be back soon!"
— Gretchen, 10/25/2011


"Not normally a Web reviewer but am making an exception here to recommend Mainline Optical very highly. I have been a client of Rich and his staff for years and can honestly say that their professionalism, product knowledge, availability and kindness are unparalleled in the business. Check them out!"
— Jonathan, 10/15/2011


“Mainline Optical offers great service. Every time I return for a repair or adjustment it is done while I wait at no charge. If we had more business owners like Rich in Ardmore, it would require a 5,000 spot parking garage. When you combine this excellent service with the wide selection of frames and accessories, there is no reason not to be doing business with Mainline Optical.”
— JD McGreevey, 6/25/2011


"My family and I have been customers of Mainline Optical for over 25 years. The owner Richard and his staff are truly experts in the field. Richard has a wonderful selection of frames...but what makes his shop stand apart from others we have used is his expertise in handling the optics and fitting of our prescriptions. The shop always stands behind their lenses and frames and has made any adjustments necessary to satisfy us. Richard has built an excellent reputation in the community so his store can be busy at times. It is well worth the wait to see Richard for our glasses."
— KidsKids1 3/23/2011


"I'm a student at a nearby college and have had a number of eyewear emergencies over the past couple years (broken frames, missing contact lenses, etc..). An every time, Mainline Optical has treated me really well, whether that's doing overnight delivery or offering me very reasonable deals. I go in there, and they always give me more help and better service than I expected. The guy who runs the place is not only professional but also quite friendly. I'd certainly recommend this place to anyone."
— Guest80245 4/1/11


"I've been going to Mainline Optical since my first pair of glasses, back in 4th grade. 2 decades later, I basically refuse to go anywhere else. And I don't even live in the state anymore. Yes, you can probably get your glasses cheaper elsewhere. Warby Parker will be happy to help you out. Warby Parker, however, doesn't have Rich Boehm.

Rich, the owner, is some impossible combination of salesman/stylist/therapist/eyeball professional/smartass. (Is Rich a doctor? I have no idea. You'd think I'd know something like this by now.) (Also, you may only get the smartass version if you're me, and have been going to see him since you were 8, and were kind of a surly jerkface all throughout high school.)

The selection is smaller than what you might see at (other glasses places around town that I won't mention because WHY ARE YOU GOING THERE), as is the storefront, but Rich and his lovely assistants (oh god I can't even remember their names right now I am awful) are going to help you every step of the way, whether that step is trying on a few frames and instantly making a decision, trying something on but realizing that the color/size is off (if it's available, they'll do custom orders for you), or trying on literally every pair of frames in the store for 3 hours while your mother gets angry and bored and you eventually settle on something that you kind of don't hate, and Rich finally tells you that you can't have them. Because they make your face look dumb. Try these instead. (And then those are glasses you wear for the next 5 years.) (This may have actually happened.) (Several times)

I left the state to go to college. I tried other glasses places. I hated them. No one cared about my process in trying on frames, no one bothered to try and help me find frames that would actually work with my facial features. No one made me feel comfortable asking questions about the quality, make, or fit of what I was buying. They were happy to sell me the most expensive frames in the store, regardless of whether or not they were the right frames for ME. (Rich still makes fun of me for those frames.)

Currently, I live in Colorado. When I go back to visit, I'll be bringing my current frames with me - one pair sits weird on my nose, and I need them to straighten the ear bits out so my head doesn't look crooked. One pair needs new nose-y bits, and I can't find new ones that don't pinch.

That's another thing - you buy a pair of glasses here, and then you just keep going back, even just for all the weird, hinky, glasses related repairs and fixups that you never knew you needed, pretty much forever. I don't know if that's a warranty thing, or just a good customer service thing.

In addition to normal glasses, I've also gotten several pairs of prescription sunglasses here, and they're amazing. MLO will turn ANY pair of glasses in to a pair of sunglasses, if that's what you want. Unless the glasses literally won't work as sunglasses b/c of the size of the frames, and then Rich will tell you to Go Fish. He won't sell you something that's going to work like crap just because you think it'll look cute.

The sunglasses thing also warrants mentioning because most sunglasses have curved frames, which requires (more) curved lenses. Apparently make the curves of the sunglasses fit with the curves of your scrip is tricky - bc of this, there are some sunglasses frames that won't work w/your prescription. They'll be honest about that. That said, Mainline Optical has nailed every pair (4) that they've ever made for me. They'll also customize the tint on the lenses, if you like them darker or lighter or amber-er or redder or wherever your preferences fall on the color spectrum. I've never met another glasses place that will do that. Want polarized lenses that don't come stock with the frames? Cool, they can do that too.

They also do sports glasses. I don't own a pair, yet, but I'm going to need some for roller derby pretty soon. Guess where I'll be going.

Other perks: free glasses case! Pick the case you like, even if it isn't the one that is supposed to be paired with your frames. Go ahead, ask how many times I've emptied out those drawers looking for the "perfect" case. (It has 1990's Mario Mario on it and was wedged in the very back and STOP JUDGING ME.) - If you're a parent, MLO is AMAZING with kids. They not only actually carry kids frames, but they carry a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of them. Most places I've seen, kids get 2 choices, between "ugly" and "awkward." There's also a small play area to keep them occupied while you're doing your thing.

The only cons are really pretty standard problems on the Mainline: - It's hella crowded after school and on weekends. You can't really avoid that, just be prepared for it. - They close impossibly early. 5pm most days, 7pm on Weds. Closed on Mondays. - No street parking. Whatever. It's Ardmore. You know Back in the '90s, I used to get all my eyeglasses here, and I remembered being fitted for glasses by the very nice opticians.

Fifteen years later, Mainline Optical is still going strong, with the same owners. Even though I live across the country now, I love that they are still here. They totally helped me out with a refitting when my glasses started slipping during a visit home. It's good to have an optician around whose name isn't Len Scrafter."
— Marissa B.


"Mainline Optical is the very best and finest optical shop I've ever visited in my 65 years of wearing glasses. Turn around time is the shortest I've ever experienced ( 2 days ) for severe prescription lenses. Everyone who needs glasses of any type should visit this extremely friendly optical store."
— C Straub


"I had a wonderful experience at Mainline Optical. My wife is very hard on glasses and they constantly need adjustment and repair. In my immediate neighborhood, the opticians told me that the frames needed to be replaced. I went to Mainline Optical and they were able to repair the frames at a very reasonable charge an in an expeditious manner. The proprietor is truly an expert in his field and very friendly. I plan to purchase all of my eyewear at this store."
— Michael Rahn